Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, February 05, 2003
THE AGONY SHORTHAND MISSION STATEMENT....OK, so here goes. First, "Agony Shorthand" is a track from the amazing 1978 debut four-song 7"EP from LA's Flesh Eaters -- the link is to a piece I wrote on them for Perfect Sound Forever online 'zine a couple years back. Their caterwauling punk/metal/art-noise hybrid should give a least an idea of what I'd like this, uh "forum" to cover -- but really, it's mostly an excuse for me to broadcast obsessive thoughts worldwide. See, some people have obsessions of an unhealthy nature -- drugs, booze, TV, porn, whatever -- and then there's obsessions that might be considered harmless but are baffling nonetheless. That's where my love of music fits, I reckon. Since I was a child I've done everything from make repeated Top 10 lists, to play/sing badly in a couple bands, publish a fanzine (SUPERDOPE, 1990-98), DJ on college radio (KCSB-FM Santa Barbara, 1985-89, and KFJC-San Francisco Bay Area, 1989-90), DJ on Internet Radio (the sadly defunct Antenna, release two 45son my short-lived label (WOMB) and of course pontificate on what records/CDs others should hear and/or buy, based on my own experience. For me it's not enough to just enjoy the music -- if I like something enough, I want you to enjoy it as well. Ergo this web log -- or "blog", as the kids say in the 21st Century. My tastes are sketched in the description on this page, but really, I don't know what I'm gonna write about from day to day. Check back often, bookmark the site, and all that. I'll try and make it worth coming back to. Soon enough there will be a comment button next to each post -- it'll be a hell of a lot more fun & interesting to do this if people are not only reading this, but commenting as well. With that, let the real posting begin.