Agony Shorthand

Friday, February 07, 2003
DEATH/DISCO....As long as I'm touting the local (San Francisco) rocknrollers, as I did with Numbers yesterday, let me bring to your attention to the collective calling itself Crack: We Are Rock. They have just released their debut CD "Silent Fantasy" on Tigerbeat 6, an otherwise unremarkable label given to releasing just about anything with an analog synth that bleeps and burps. But CRACK: WAR have got a pretty unique thing going on. There's the tandem female vocalists, "L'Erin" and "Le Kim", who do a sort of droning "rap" on each of the six tracks that indicates nothing less than total boredom with the progression of the songs...and this over an aggressive, synth-heavy, very danceable attack that wouldn't have been out of place in 1980-81 New York City, perhaps on a bill with Liquid Liquid, the Bush Tetras and ESG. The hit "Hooker Leg" in particular is quite fine -- and guess what, you can try before you buy at the band's own web site. I might not care for this a year from now, but finding ANYTHING new-ish that enables me to part with my money qualifies as a major coup.