Agony Shorthand

Thursday, February 06, 2003
FREE SHIT ALERT.....Everyone likes a freebie, and this one is as free as is gets. There's this guy Derek Erdman who is willing to send you a personally-made mix CD-R, package it up, and send it to your house. All you need to do is ask. It appears to be a series of monthly releases, and the latest, "Mamskam", has tracks from Pere Ubu, Love, Corrosion of Conformity (!), Walker Bros., Kinks, and more. Erdman proudly warned me that the mix he was about to send me contained "a little Seger", and sure enough, the execrable "Night Moves" is on the CD, along with some fuckin' Judas Priest. You know, if you don't like what's on there you can always "rip" (I think that's what you kids call it) the tracks you like onto your own CD. Past mixes contained tracks from the Desperate Bicycles, Roky Erikson, The Fall, Faust, Meters, Beefheart, etc. Get on this hott deal by clicking here.