Agony Shorthand

Thursday, February 27, 2003
HACKAMORE BRICK.....I have now finally heard, in its entirely, several times on repeated rotation, the oft-raved-about one album wonder HACKAMORE BRICK "One Kiss Leads To Another" LP from 1971. If you've ever been a reader of Chris Stigliano's Black To Comm or Tim Ellison's Modern Rock Magazine, you've seen the name. Here's the original Richard Meltzer review of the album. The record is great, redolent of all manner of heroic bands that were actually around when they were playing -- and afterward. I feel embarrassed drawing this comparison for the millionth time, but the fantastic title track sounds like -- yes! -- a hippie Velvet Underground circa the "Loaded" era, somewhat like if they'd plied their trade in Santa Cruz rather than Manhattan. It motors with that chugging, propulsive Velvets sound that has been intoxicating music freaks for years -- a truly stellar track that'll probably find its way onto every comp I make for others from here on. "Zip Gun Woman", another great, guitar-freakout number that closes the LP, sounds like the Patti Smith Group fronted by Simply Saucer's Edgar Breau. Much of the rest is laid-back rock and roll with a distinct sense of aggro when it's time for the guitar break, as well as first-rate vocals unmarred by any Brooklyn-ese (these guys were actually from that sceptered near-isle). There IS one on here that you can easily skip about "listenin' to the radio" ("Radio"); things go downhill fast from the opening line, "Oh, it's so groovy....". But no matter, Hackamore Brick deserve a CD reissue, I'm convinced. Someone get on that, OK?