Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, February 05, 2003
IT ALL HAPPENED SO FAST.....I got the bright idea to create a web log around music-related topics around 3pm yesterday, checked into it, found that "it was easy, it was cheap" (like FREE) and I said, what the hell, "GO AND DO IT". I've always felt the compulsion to make my opinions known on a variety of topics, but lacking any definitive expertise in art, science or literature, I figured I could fall back on my many years of music accumulation to tell a few stories, yank a few chains, and maybe -- just maybe -- turn on a few people to some wild rockandroll sounds. So let's leave it at that, then, since this is my first post anywhere, EVER, and I'll see what it looks like when my own words are broadcast LIVE to the World Wide Web (!!!). If it checks out OK, then I will undoubtedly write more.