Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, February 18, 2003
TOP 10 BOOTLEGS, AS OF 2/18/03….
1.) “ME WANT BREAKFAST – The Dangerhouse Collection” (the hottest 1977-78 LA punk rock 45s, all in one place)
2.) THE CRAMPS “All Tore Up” (Alex Chilton demos; better than and as well-recorded as their legit LPs!)
3.) TELVISION “Double Exposure” (with Richard Hell!)
4.) JOY DIVISION “Warsaw” (the classic brooding early punk rock stuff)
5.) BUZZCOCKS “Time’s Up” (this is now legit – raw early recordings with Howard Devoto)
6.) “WHERE BIRDMEN FLEW” (incredible comp of early Australian punk 45s – News, Leftovers, Razar, Rocks, Scientists and more)
7.) NEIL YOUNG “Chrome Dreams” (CD with “Time Fades Away” and excellent demos for “American Stars and Bars”)
8.) “INSTANT POP CLASSICS” (as referenced in the earlier “Folk In Hell” post)
9.) ROXY MUSIC “First Kiss” (all Eno-era Peel Sessions – thanks JB)
10.) VELVET UNDERGROUND “Sweet Sister Ray” (Four tracks on two discs -- genius. Thanks again JB)