Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, March 05, 2003
RANDOM BEGGING, IN ONLY MY FOURTH WEEK….I’m new on the blog job, but I think it’s already time to start posting some wants out there. To start, I’m looking for a CD-R burn of the DOLLY MIXTURE “Demonstration Tapes” reissue that came out a few years back. The 2xLP was originally released in 1982. Yes, I am a pop simp – sometimes. If it’s quality D.I.Y.-rooted harmony-pop of the first order, I’d like to get involved. This CD totally eludes me, even on the “Internet”. If anyone wants to get in touch regarding a trade of some kind, I’m at, or click that link that says “E-mail me” above. UPDATE: Looks like the 2xLP of this sold last week on eBay for $165! I want it but not that bad.