Agony Shorthand

Friday, April 18, 2003
THE ELUSIVE AND BALLISTIC D.I.Y. THUD OF SEEMS TWICE….That’s the name of the band, SEEMS TWICE. I was given the opportunity to hear this Australian group’s sub-underground 1980 “Non-Plussed” 7”EP (thanks, JD) and was floored – twelve (12) tracks, all under a minute, each choppy and addled like an even more WIRE-drenched and nervous MINUTEMEN, and almost as good. I was also reminded of another lost classic, the 1985 7”EP from Iowa’s STIFF LEGGED SHEEP, but whoa children – that’s a story for another time. SEEMS TWICE throw in the towel on each track just as it’s picking up a head of angry steam, but not before they’re fucked out a bit on the wah-wah & thrown a mountain of throbbing bass guitar at you. The singer rants as if he’s got a couple of loose teeth he needs to purge, and the whole 12-song racket is jumpy and wired and kicks up plenty of dirt without overkill. A more punk-influenced precursor to the Aussie underground of Lubricated Goat et al that would follow. I’m impressed. Amazingly, you can download the entire 7”EP here, and read about a bunch of other Sydney post-punk as well.