Agony Shorthand

Friday, April 04, 2003
HYPED 2 DEATH, MESSTHETICS ETC.....The once-mighty torrent of ultra-rare 70s & 80s US and UK DIY records coming out on HYPED 2 DEATH CDs has slowed to a trickle of late, but Chuck Warner swears he's going to finish the alphabet one of these days. This is the premier, low-cost way to find out about some of the best sub-underground rock music of all time, and wading through each CD to find the true hidden gold -- like, say, BEYOND THE IMPLODE's "Lassitude", or "Accept It!" by Mike Rep's TRUE BELIEVERS, can actually be quite enjoyable. Until Chuck gets some more out, I'd recommend reading up on the Hyped 2 Death modus operandi by checking out this interview in the latest issue of Sound Collector.