Agony Shorthand

Monday, April 21, 2003
MASTERPIECE: THE TWILIGHTERS "NOTHING CAN BRING ME DOWN".....A monstrous fuzz destroyer from 1968, this song came to my attention via famous record collector and Wire fan Karl Ikola, who informed me that the PUSSY GALORE track that kicks off their live album is in fact a cover of this very number. And what a number it is -- 2:18 of flailing wah-wah, aggressive churning motion and ugly drug paranoia from this Waco, Texas group on their one and only 45 -- the flip is "I Need You" (anyone out there heard it?). "Well my mind is so messed up, nothing can bring me down, Nothing is strong enough, to save me now...". What a bummer. It's available on a couple of hard-to-find compilations; mine is "Texas Flashback, Volume 2". It's one of those 60s punk rock/psych tracks that fully justifies the rest of the genre.