Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, April 15, 2003
SWEARING AT MOTORISTS “FLYING PIZZA”…..Not a CD, not an LP, not an ultra-rare Japanese-only KBD-style 45, but a fantastic song from Dayton, Ohio’s SWEARING AT MOTORISTS from their otherwise unremarkable debut CD “Number Seven Uptown” from 2000. The song is a recent high-water mark for confessional, small-scale indie songdom, so good that the duo put it on the CD twice, one with a full band & the other stripped-back acoustic. It concerns the fantastic sense of awkwardness of running into some distant acquaintance on the street that you don’t really want to talk to but have to go through the motions anyway. Cue the chorus: “How’s your mom? / and are you working the same place? / your hair got long / And on and on…”. Hate to state the obvious given their locale, but the band are akin to a more homespun GUIDED BY VOICES circa “Alien Lanes”. Download the track – it’s worth it.