Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, April 09, 2003
TOP 100 SINGLES OF ALL TIME UPDATE......This just in -- JANE WIEDLIN has the #36 greatest 45 of all time, according to the recent MOJO magazine "Ultimate Jukebox" throwaway insert in the April 2003 issue. That's right, the landmark "Rush Hour / The End Of Love" single has beat out PERE UBU's "Heart of Darkness / 30 Seconds Over Tokyo" and CRIME's "Hot Wire My Heart / Baby You're So Repulsive", among others, for the coveted #36 slot. After some renown as a frequent one-night paramour in the early LA punk scene and as the squeaky-voiced guitarist of the GO-GOs, Ms. Wiedlin apparently had a solo career. This was a solo career that was so groundbreaking that it yielded the 36th greatest seven-inch record of all time! Anyone heard this monster record?