Agony Shorthand

Monday, April 07, 2003
WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH PUBLIC NUISANCE?....I've always been a regular reader of UGLY THINGS fanzine, & have found out about some great 60s or 60s-influenced stuff via their pages; my problem w/ them is that they suffer from "good review" syndrome -- as in just about everything that gets sent to them gets a good (or better) review. Therefore its usefulness as a consumer guide is severely compromised. MOJO suffers from this syndrome as well; must be the way to keep the promo gravy train from derailing. Both have issued raves of an unearthed Sacramento, CA "60s punk" band called PUBLIC NUISANCE and their recently-issued double CD "Gotta Survive". These guys certainly look promising -- slovenly appearance, dressed all in black (having spent my childhood in the suburban inferno of Sacramento, I can tell you from experience that black should be worn only to look cool), and a bunch of people raving about the songs & comparing it to heavy British psych & Charles Manson. Forced Exposure likes it, and they tend to exercise a bit more quality control than Ugly Things. What's the REAL story, folks -- is it just another psychedelic turd?