Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, May 27, 2003
BLATANT TOADYING, NAME-DROPPING SUCK-UP....While perusing a number of publications on the racks this past weekend, I came upon a henious interview conducted by mediocre filmmaker JIM JARMUSCH with rock and roll group "The White Stripes" in Interview magazine. It's got some of the worst band name-dropping toadyism you'll ever see from Jarmusch -- totally geared to impress the band, who naturally come off bored and unimpressed. I think the word count goes something like 75% to Jarmusch prattling on, 25% to the band -- and there's two of them. "You know, some say that (such-and-such song of the White Stripes') sounds like the Velvet Underground meets Elvis; me, I find it has more of a Young Marble Giants-meets-Charlie Feathers vibe going on. Wouldn't you agree?". Response from band: "Mmm, yeah, hmm...haven't thought about that...."