Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, May 07, 2003
THE CRIME BOX SET!!!.....While on vacation I took some time to wade through the latest issue (#8) of SOUND COLLECTOR magazine, the first one I'd ever perused. Not a bad read at all; sort of a brick & mortar version of PERFECT SOUND FOREVER, run by music freaks like you & me, and with a fair amount of quality control so the writing is quite meaty. I learned a few things from this issue. First, in an interview with Revenant Records music packaging designer Susan Archie (she did the mesmerizing Charley Patton and Captain Beefheart box sets), I learned that the long-promised box set from all-time-great 1977-78 punk rock destroyers CRIME is finally going to see the light of day -- Ms. Archie is working on the packaging now. Wow. One can only imagine that it'll have all three 7" singles, the tracks from the "Hate Us Or Love Us, We Don't Give A Fuck" and "San Francisco's Doomed" semi-legit LPs, and hopefully some long-suppressed recordings that approach the raw, cacophonous quality of those first two singles. One can dream, right? This is one of the last punk rock excavation projects to get excited about -- this is until the BAGS CD comes together. Anyone have more information about the CRIME thing?