Agony Shorthand

Thursday, May 15, 2003
THE GOOD NEWS ROLLS RIGHT IN....Agony Shorthand HQ just got a super-secret update "on the QT" that Kurt at Atavistic is going to re-issue the first and fourth FLESH EATERS albums on CD. The first, "No Questions Asked" will include the landmark "Disintegration Nation" 7"EP (the record from which Agony Shorthand takes its name), as well as an otherwise completely unheard demo that predates that first record. How about that?? The fourth LP, "Hard Road To Follow" seems to be the one the most folks are least familar with, which is a cryin' shame as it contains some of the heaviest hardcore roots/metal/punk throttle & top-notch songwriting you'll hear anywhere. Great to hear that these records will be available again!!

There's also an even more ultra-secret rumor (or "rumour", for our British friends) that a certain label from a certain large California coastal city has agreed to re-issue the 3rd Flesh Eaters LP as well -- "Forever Came Today". That would put "the big four" all on CD and in the racks for your purchasing pleasure, joining their world-class counterpart "A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die" -- arguably one of the Top 5 greatest rock and roll records of all time! Kudos to my source for the news.