Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, May 07, 2003
ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS TOUR.....You may have read in our very pages a while back about the recent Los Angeles show by mid-70s Cleveland proto-punk legends ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS; now it seems the momentum has built enough to justify a brief Northeast swing (with hopefully more to follow). Here are the dates:

Tue, June 3, Columbus OH Little Brother's
Wed, June 4, Chicago, Abbey Pub
Thu, June 5, Cleveland, Beachland Ballroom
Fri, June 6, and Sat, June 7 New York City, Village Underground
Sun, June 8, Philadelphia, North Star
Mon, June 9, Hoboken NJ, Maxwell's

From the "official press release": Rocket From The Tombs existed for less than a year, played fewer than a dozen shows and was probably never seen by more than a few hundred people but it has over the decades since 1975, due to a frenetic trafficking in bootlegs, acquired an international status out of all proportion to its popularity. When the band split in 1975, David Thomas and Peter Laughner went on to form Pere Ubu, taking along rock classics such as "Final Solution, "Life Stinks," and "30 Seconds Over Tokyo." Cheetah Chrome and John Madansky formed the Dead Boys, taking "Sonic Reducer," "Ain't It Fun," "Down In Flames," and several others.

In February 2003, for the first time in 27 years, the band played at the Disastodrome Festival at UCLA, Los Angeles CA. Richard Lloyd from Television stepped in to complete the original two guitar attack. "An explosive, revelatory set," says Los Angeles Times. "Garnered awed approval," says Daily Bruin. Mr Lloyd continues as a band member for a short tour in America in June 2003....