Agony Shorthand

Monday, June 30, 2003
LILI Z. : “MA SOLITUDE ET MOI” 10”EP….After Ms. LILI ZELLER showed herself to be a frenchwoman of style and taste with her URINALS cover + 2 great originals 45 a few years back, she’s come back with eight excellent 1998-2001 four-track, living room recordings in the now-quaint “ten inch vinyl” format. Often electronically manipulated and twisted into shapes that vaguely resemble seam-bursting garage punk, the numbers’ (all originals) charms lie in their unpredictability. Sometimes it’s a little late 70s Euro femme-voxed punk rock (like X-RAY SPEX or ESSENTIAL LOGIC without the horns), sometimes it’s metronome-like robotcore a la METAL URBAIN. Sometimes it’s experimental tooling around, sometimes you swear you’re hearing a Gallic RAMONES/BAGS hybrid (“I Wanna Make Noise”). Sometimes it’s in French, sometimes it’s English and sometimes it’s even a little German for that nice pan-NATO feel. Mostly it’s recorded with the needle buried very, very deeply to the right. I think you’ll like it! Click here or click here for more info.