Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, June 10, 2003
WORST HARDCORE LYRICS EVER?.....I busted out an old tape of early 80s US hardcore this week -- a tape! -- and found a couple of real knockouts in the lyrics department. Check out this heavyweight from DIE KREUZEN, "Think For Me" from their "Cows And Beer" 7"EP:

You and I shouldn't fight
'Cause we know what's wrong and what's right
You and I should be friends
Together we can fight until the end!

One can't help but notice that when the band re-did this song on their (amazing) debut LP, the lyrics were slurred so badly that their genius was unrecognizable. Accident? I think not. Speaking of fighting, how about this champ from Washington, DC's SCREAM, entitled "Fight":

Look at me, I look at you
What the fuck you gonna do?
Fight, fight, fight, fight!

The 80s were full of all sorts of insights such as this, from one of my all-time faves, CIRCLE ONE's "Destroy Exxon" to "Beach Blanket Bong-Out" by JFA to anything by MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS. Any nominees out there for worst hardcore lyrics ever? Extra points if they're about Reagan!