Agony Shorthand

Monday, July 14, 2003
MORE ON CRIME AND JOHNNY STRIKE!....Got an e-mail straight from original CRIME guitar slinger Johnny Strike, setting the record straight on a few things regarding my review of the “Cadillac Faggot “ CD (see below, or click here). I have to say – it’s a goddamn honor. When I first heard Crime in the mid-1980s, they seemed so ground-breakingly remote, so deeply underground, so lost to time that it was hard to imagine that Strike, Frankie Fix were still among us. And yet! Quoth Strike on the recent CD:

“It was done as a strictly promo deal for the fan-run Crime site. It'll be included in the Revenant box set, hopefully next year….actually Cadillac Faggot was a character from those days; lived and dealt drugs out of a pink cadillac. But yeah, we liked the anti-pc statement as well. But most SF bands I thought were a pretty pc bunch. BTW, Crime has reformed and we are working on a album. Hank Rank is on drums, Pat Ryan (ex-Nuns) is on lead guitar, Michael (Phantom Surfers) Lucas is on bass and I'm on 2nd guitar and vocals”.

What’s more, Johnny Strike’s been leading his own trio TVH for a few years now, and has even got his first book on the way. How about that?