Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, July 15, 2003
THE RAWEST OF RAW 50s RAWK…..Can be found at Pete Hoppula’s WANG DANG DULA!! web site, a totally invaluable resource for wild-ass 1950s R&B and early rock. This fella Pete helped get me schooled when I was doing an online radio show called No-Count Dance Party on the now-defunct Antenna Radio a few years back; I was playing a mix of early R&B screamers and 60s punk until it became clear that three full nights a week of prep wasn’t doing the rest of my life any favors. The most worthy part of his site from my perspective is this almost 100% complete listing of post-50s R&B (Black Rock and Roll) compilations from the likes of Candy Records, Crypt offshoots and many, many more. Once you dig in here you’ll be able to put together an obsessive list of LPs you need to track down – always a good time! Among the greatest start-to-finish of these are the four “SIN ALLEY” compilations; anything on Candy; “Vicious Vicious Vocals Volume Vun”; and the companion comps “Frantic” and “Wild And Frantic”. Get these first and you’re off to the races.