Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, August 20, 2003
DID SOMEONE SAY ICKY BOYFRIENDS?....(see below) – And hey, it turns out they’re about to make their posthumous debut on CD. The forthcoming “A Love Obscene” will be an ICKY BOYFRIENDS 2xCD retrospective, with material from their LPs "I'm Not Fascinating" and "Talking to You is Just Like Being Dead: 1988-Present", as well as from their C&P and Blackjack 7" EPs. There’s also a nice dose of unreleased bonus stuff. The whole package will be rolled out to a salivating public by Menlo Park Recordings next Spring. Talk about a healthy lead time! The band is not for the squeamish – you’ll either find them to be a refreshingly retarded take on ELECTRIC EELS-style proto-garage rock, or you may find them to be an absolute train wreck. Their reign was from about 1988-1995, and they left as many broken hearts as they did alienated and confused hipsters. You’ll get a chance to experience the joy digitally if you can just wait 7-8 more months!