Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, August 20, 2003
SIGHTINGS : “SIGHTINGS” and “ABSOLUTES” CDs…..Got a lovely batch of uneasy listening from Providence noise standard-bearers LOAD RECORDS the other day, including the two releases from NYC trio SIGHTINGS. The first self-titled CD is quite a chaos of fizzling uber-distortion – it’s ready, set, explode on every track, and the result is a total sonic mess, full of test pattern-like experimentation interspersed with the skeletons of actual songs. No titles on the CD jacket itself – but you can get them here (not that they’re instructive in any sense – we’re talking mostly instrumentals). Before I knew a thing about the band I predicted that they were Japanese, and I was dead wrong. Not too much to get excited about here. The more recent “Absolutes”, on the other hand, has got an overmodulated, shit-hot kick-off number called “White Keys” – picture first EP MEAT PUPPETS crossed with Dez Cadena-era BLACK FLAG, and then record it all live & fuck with the results afterward. Outstanding track! The lead Sighting grunts and chokes up guttural moans worthy of a Kirkwood brother circa 1981. There’s wild drumming throughout, and though it’ll test your patience from time to time, the whole of the CD is wrapped up in 30 minutes give or take. Fans of the more edgy HIGH RISE numbers or wilder, rockist DEAD C stuff will probably find something to grab for here.