Agony Shorthand

Friday, August 22, 2003
SLIDE SHOW ALERT....Some really great archival photos are now posted on longtime SF Bay Area playa J. Neo Marvin's (X-TAL) personal web site. I expect to see a lot more music-related photo sites/blogs in the years to come what with the proliferation of digital photography, but these 1978-83 photos are raw captures of some terrific events that previously existed only in the collective memory of the scattered attendees, or the odd Search & Destroy write-up. Inlcuded are Santa Cruz and San Francisco shows from YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS, CRIME, DILS, FLIPPER (with some beer guzzling, of course), DELTA 5, GANG OF FOUR, SLEEPERS, AVENGERS and even that last THROBBING GRISTLE show. If you view it in a slide show format (rather than thumbnails) you get some of Marvin's commentary as well. Thanks to RW for the heads-up!