Agony Shorthand

Friday, September 12, 2003
ACID/MOD/PUNK DISCOVERY OF THE MONTH…..Many thanks to JB for turning me on to an amazing 1967 psychedelic heavy-guitar scorcher from LES FLEUR DE LYS with SHARON TANDY called “Hold On”. It just showed up randomly on a CD-R comp this great American made for me, and it’s one of the more outstanding slices of 1960s acid garage punk I’ve ever heard. The band has been comped many times elsewhere with different tracks (I was only familiar with the ubiquitous “Circles” and another called “Mud In Your Eye” from Chocolate Soup), and this particular number was actually a re-recording of an earlier FLEUR DE LYS number, this time with breathy, addled female vocals. For you lovers of wild-ass distorted guitar solos a la the Twilighters’ “Nothing Can Bring Me Down”, here’s some champion axe work (jesus, do I sound like a Goldmine catalog entry or what?). These Brits have had most of their 45s (including “Hold On”) collected onto a CD called “Reflections”. If you want to do it the difficult, forgot-to-shower, Saturday morning record-swap meet way, you can also find this fantastic track on the LP compilations “Rubble, Volume 4” and “Rubble, Volume 8”.