Agony Shorthand

Monday, September 15, 2003
MONOSHOCK SINGLES COMP.....Breaking news from S-S Records: "Received an email today from Scott Derr, formerly of Monoshock, and he says that the S-S Records / Monoshock seven inch/comp/outtakes cd is gojng through the remix stages as I write this. Scott sez that the cd looks like the 3 7"s, some of the first four track recordings, some outtakes from the Walk... sessions, and the comp tracks. Look for a mid winter release...". How about that? All three of their mid-1990s 45s are fantastic CRIME-style panic punk. I even put the first one out myself on my short-lived label WOMB RECORDS. Glad the world will finally get to hear them (and I have some of the debut lying around if you're interested -- just let me know).