Agony Shorthand

Monday, September 08, 2003
PINK AND BROWN : “SHAME FANTASY II”…..Another tight rawk/noise/panic set from the Load Records stable, this one from what I believe is a now-defunct San Francisco band featuring a COACHWHIP and another guy dressed in a wacky body suit (one’s “pink”, the other’s “brown” – haw haw haw haw!). This muffled vocal, live-to-disc set has got a dense, almost jazzy squeal to it in punches, but is pretty much straight-up sped-up noisy rock when you get to the meat of it. Each song is a subtle variation on the one before it – and there’s a lot of ‘em. Perfect for the middle slot on a Tuesday night bill, one where you’ve decided to invest a little effort to see the headliner and maybe see a new opening band you might dig. These guys come on around 11 and rev up their set – it’s kinda loud, & you curiously wander in from the other room to check it out. Two numbers in, you’re thinking, “yeah, I think I could maybe watch this”. An identical-sounding two numbers later, you’re scanning the crowd for people you know. Another and it’s off to the bar for a beer. Shit, what time is it again? One more and you’re back by the pool tables again, wondering if you really need to stick around for that headliner you came to see. It’s getting late after all, & you have to go to work tomorrow. Are these guys done yet? THAT’s Pink and Brown, folks. I think we’ve all been here.