Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, November 25, 2003
SPUD MOUNTAIN RFD….There was a big upsurge in cool homegrown online radio stations around 2000-01, most powered by individuals spinning their record collections onto some software and uploading them every week. I myself hosted a 50s-60s R&B/garage punk show like this called the "No-Count Dance Party" on the late lamented ANTENNA RADIO. One of the survivors of this era is SPUD MOUNTAIN RFD, a really great Real Audio-powered overview of old 1920s-40s Americana, centered on early hillbilly, bluegrass & country music, compiled with care by a couple of Oregonians who know their Coon Creek Girls from their Skillet Lickers. It’s easy to listen and then listen some more, and they keep a few of the older shows around for archival listening as well. Highly recommended.