Agony Shorthand

Friday, December 05, 2003
HYPED2DEATH IS BACK.....After a long hiatus that had been rumored to be connected to legal troubles -- but was really just the arrival of a new kid (I can relate) -- Chuck Warner's HYPED2DEATH 70s/80s punk/post-punk/DIY archive label is back. He's got a small handful of one-off "complete works" releases by past stars of his HOMEWORK, HYPED2DEATH, MESSTHETICS and TEENLINE comps, including some that sound pretty interesting, like the one from Baton Rouge weirdos THE ZOOMERS (their "From The Planet Moon" is easily one of the top 10 tracks from the exhaustive HOMEWORK series). I'd like to see Warner finish the alphabet for the aforementioned series first, but these'll do. Only $9 each, and he takes Paypal (fake money) -- gotta love it. (NOTE: now I understand why he may never finish the alphabet, as this article makes clear -- thanks for the link)