Agony Shorthand

Monday, December 08, 2003
TRONICS : “WHAT’S THE HUBUB, BUB?” CD…..Speaking of the MESSTHETICS British DIY series, one of the leading lights so far is the excellent “Shark Fucks” by the TRONICS, a 1979-83 home unit/duo given to recording in the kitchen. A kind Agony Shorthand reader recently sent me a roast of the recent CD re-release of the band’s 1980 “What’s The Hubub, Bub?” cassette, and it’s a strong ultra-indie folk/garage hybrid, tempered by a meaningless dose of squawking industrial electronics and long tape recordings straight off the television. The propulsive “Shark Fucks” also makes an appearance, albeit in a slightly different arrangement. Great track, and a must-hear for fans of the weird world of late 70s homemade UK post-punk. Singer “Ziro Baby” had a very warm and inviting folksinger sort of voice that belies his bizarre subject matter, and his partner in crime and rhythm “Alyce In Wonderland” sounds like her kit consisted of a single tom drum and a spoon. Not the sort of thing that’ll make its way to the CD deck too often, but there is definitely some there there.