Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, January 21, 2004
THE BOTTOM 10, CIRCA 1985-1989....Somehow the band “SUICIDAL TENDENCIES” popped into my head today and it got me reminiscin’ about my 1980s college-era punk rock/garage/rock & roll radio show “White Trash” on KCSB-FM in Santa Barbara, California. Not because I’d ever play such an atrocity, but because several of my listeners repeatedly begged me to. Requests for true quality did come in but were few and far between, yet these mid-80s clunkers were always, always being dialed in. The Top (Bottom) 10, in order:

1. (By a goddamn mile) SUICIDAL TENDENCIES “Institutionalized”
2. DEAD MILKMEN “Bitchen Camero”
3. BLACK FLAG “TV Party”
4. anything by DR. KNOW (consider my then-location and proximity to the “Nardcore” scene)
5. anything by METALLICA, ANTHRAX, C.O.C. or MEGADETH (consider the onetime popularity of what we then called “speed metal”)
6. RKL “Pothead” (consider the marijuana intake of many college students)
7. VANDALS “Anarchy Burger” and “Urban Struggle”
8. anything by THE ADOLESCENTS or D.I. (what is D.I., you ask??? Don’t ask.)
9. AGGRESSION “Money Machine”
10. anything by the DEAD KENNEDYS

Except for “Money Machine”, which is just a numbskull politico-corporate rant and not really a punk novelty, I never assented to any of these requests. Sadly, no one ever requested “Destroy Exxon” by CIRCLE ONE or “Fuck Money” by RF7, but I wish they had….