Agony Shorthand

Thursday, January 22, 2004
COUNTRY TEASERS / RESINEATORS, Live 1/16/2004….It's a big night and a rare evening when I actually set foot anymore in a rock and roll club for live rock and roll music, and this one last weekend at San Francisco’s Hemlock Tavern was a long time in coming. Man, things have changed in 5 months! Looks like men are starting to grow their hair longer, believe it or not! And you know those sheepskin coats with the fur on the collar? Girls are wearing them now too! Anderson Valley’s Boont Amber beer still tastes good, that sure hasn’t changed one bit. And get this, they stamp you on the left hand now, not the right! Is that crazy or what?

Propriety (and a longtime pal in the band) prevents me from delving too deeply into THE RESINEATORS, but I can assure you of nothing less than full honesty when I report that they flat-out smoked. It was their last show for some time, at least until 2007’s “Steel Wheels” tour (guitarist/co-founder David Nudelman is moving to suburban Hilo, Hawaii). The COUNTRY TEASERS were quite good as well – definitely playing up the much-discussed FALLesque aspects of their sound this evening. Even the slower, weirder songs from their recent CD were sped up and rocked out, so the net effect was far more garage-a-la-Psychic Dancehall skiffle than the loopy accordion and laptop stuff on the (fine) new record. It won’t drive the ladies wild, but it sure sold this place out. Given my advancing age and some pain in my loafers (and the fact that it was 1am – can you believe these kids??), I figured I’d gotten their drift after about 10 numbers and skedaddled, but that speaks ill of me, not the band. There were people still parking and partying and puking all over Polk Street at 1:04am. I miss you brothers and sisters, and hope to get back in the game in coming weeks (are the Cheater Slicks coming?).