Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, January 06, 2004
THE REBEL : “BUMS ON A ROCK” 7”EP….This solo turn by the main (founder/vocalist/songwriter “The Rebel”) dude from the Scotland-originated COUNTRY TEASERS gives off the faint whiff of appeal, but ultimately tumbles into the play-it-once-and-sell-it pile. The title track is playful and loping C60-ish rock, with a few weird samples tacked on throughout, and almost succeeds thanks to the lyric “…went to San Francisco and had my first burrito…”. You and me both, chief. There’s no burrito like an SF burrito. Next time you’re around these parts, check out Papalote on 24th & Valencia – it’s now displaced El Toro and even Tacqueria Cancun as my top cylindrical fix in town. Right, so the rest of the 7”EP is electronica sputtering, backward laptop loops, mutant country & western destroyed by too much Casio plinking and an ending “Brite Yn’s Cnut” – 4 big minutes of uninspiring loops and beats. Since it’s your money, and I’m hear to help you decide whether or not to part with it, I’ll say save the $4 for a Papalote Super Pollo on your 2004 San Francisco holiday.