Agony Shorthand

Thursday, January 15, 2004
VARIOUS ARTISTS : “JUNGLE EXOTICA” CD….Something I took the time to rescue from semi-retirement (i.e. banishment to the overflow CD rack in the garage) was this early 90s collection from “Strip” (i.e. CRYPT) records of 50s and 60s instrumental “exotica”, only a small bit of it with a “jungle” theme. Thinking there might be some good monkey songs to play for my son (and there definitely are, with J.C. DAVIS’ wild-ass “Monkey” leading the pack), I also found the disc to be more straightforward and less wacky than I initially thought. It slots in nicely with your copies of “LAS VEGAS GRIND” and “STRUMMIN’ MENTAL”, with more of the tracks leaning to the latter revved-up reverb-drenched surf- and hot rod instros than the former series of bump-n-grinders. A lot of it is quite kooky, but a cheap used copy ought to look nice sitting in your collection, should you ever come across one.