Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, January 13, 2004
WHITHER WORLD OF POOH?.....For about three years now I've seen references online to an impending reissue of the "compleat" works from late 80s nervous pop/art group WORLD OF POOH. And yet the thing continues to refrain from appearing. I have all their work scattered about their one and only LP "The Land Of Thirst" , a couple of 45s and numerous comp tracks, but it sure would be nice to see it all in the same place, right? If you're a fan of BARBARA MANNING's, and I hope you are, then you'll love this stuff she helped write and perform just before & at the dawn of her solo career. World of Pooh were a huge live favorite of mine in 1989-90 San Francisco, and a reissue CD would be quite a boon to fans of wound-up outsider pop a la 100 FLOWERS, WIRE and MISSION OF BURMA. Rumors have centered around the need for participation and final approval from guitarist and founder Brandan Kearney, who's been captured on record as being somewhat embarrassed by his former group. His modesty is ill-placed, to say the least. Anyone know anything on the status of this reissue?