Agony Shorthand

Thursday, February 26, 2004
THAT LOUVIN FEELING…..Last Sunday’s New York Times had an article about the renewed attention surrounding tortured country/gospel heroes the LOUVIN BROTHERS in recent years, “Grammy” award and everything (!). You can find it here. They’re certainly the STANLEY BROTHERS of this year: the long-forgotten roots group newly rediscovered by legions of roots newbies after years of being buried below the popular radar. I’d never even heard of them myself before The Gibson Bros paid tribute to them on their “Man Who Loved Couch Dancing” LP (the liner notes had a tongue-in-cheek rip-off of the Louvins’ “Satan Is Real” notes), during a time where the only thing in print was the then-new “When I Stop Dreaming” CD compilation (which is great, BTW). Anyway, it’s ALL coming out in a torrent now, with “Satan Is Real” and “Tragic Songs Of Life” being the best ones of the few I’ve heard.