Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, February 18, 2004
VIKI / HAIR POLICE split CD….After using the HAIR POLICE as a sacrificial lamb in a broader rant about the nonsensical noise wing of underground USA a few months back, I was surprised to see Load Records tempt fate by dropping this split CD by VIKI and HAIR POLICE in the mail to our offices. Ah, but those guys know what’s what – their secret weapon is these first five tracks from VIKI, who totally impress with an experimental mash of deep-fried electronics, subtle paeans to early “industrial” champs like SPK, TG and WHITEHOUSE, and distant, down a corridor female vocals that give their work a real creepy but jolting feel. I like it! The standout number is the frothing “No Date”, which’ll remind you of experimentalist 80s freaks like NOH MERCY (“Caucasian Guilt”!!!) and other weird tales from the “I Hate The Pop Group” LP collection. HAIR POLICE? Ridiculous, pointless, formless noise – unlistenable and totally bothersome. I suggest that VIKI disassociate themselves from this crew posthaste and take their carnival of creepy noise theater on the road this year! (UPDATE: Looks like VIKI is just one person. Check out this puff piece on her).