Agony Shorthand

Monday, March 22, 2004
MICHAEL YONKERS TRUTH MACHINE....Dave Lang over at Lexicon Devil is on the hype-busting case again, weighing in with a perfectly reasonable verdict on Sub Pop's MICHAEL YONKERS BAND reissue that I've been too lazy to type up myself. Face it, folks, we've found all the Electric Eels, Simply Saucers and Mean Red Spiders we're going to find. The vein is tapped. Pretending otherwise only does you and your peers a grave disservice. Lang's review:

MICHAEL YONKERS BAND – Microminiature Love CD
There appears to be a universal verdict regarding this album, the great “lost” 1968 outing from Mr. Yonkers. The verdict is this: it’s an unsung masterpiece. That verdict prompts me to ask this question: have I been taking crazy pills or this merely an ordinary ‘60s garage/psych album which has garnered such levels of praise only for its elusive, “lost” status? I’ve been burned way too often to get excited about things like this. Look, the music of Simply Saucer, Electric Eels and Vertical Slit, to name but three great, lost bands, is something I can get my ears around: their music is amazing, regardless of any status, but Yonkers I’d unfortunately put under my Record Collector Music banner, alongside Debris’, Monks, Silver Apples and the Deviants: interesting bands who made some fairly OK, out-of-time music for the era, but whom, taken out of any context, didn’t actually record many great songs. Microminiature Love looks good on the shelf, though it probably won’t be moving from there too often.