Agony Shorthand

Thursday, March 04, 2004
THE PONYS “I WANNA FUCK YOU” 7”EP….No, not GG ALLIN AND THE JABBERS, but Chicago garage pop maestros THE PONYS, last discussed in these parts all of three weeks ago. The new CD “Laced With Romance” got me piqued to check out this earlier 45 from just last year, and I’m happy to report that “I Wanna Fuck You” is just a flat-out fantastic fuzzed-out, aggressively loud pop song, reminiscent of “You’re Living All Over Me”-era DINOSAUR JR. crossed with, I don’t know, MAZZY STAR (some Roback-like/paisley underground guitar ringing going on here). It’s got a ton of mersh potential on “alternative rock” radio, say, and yet will never get played there because a.) it’s really, really good and b.) it says a nasty, nasty word. Boys and girls are just a little more direct with their amore these days, I reckon, and more power to them. So one thing you’ve got to know about The Ponys above all else, despite how incredibly catchy and powerful their hooks are: the singer just apes Richard Hell to the point of parody. Thus I can’t recommend the other tracks, “Sorceress of the South Side” and “So Sentimental”, as he turns the shtick up just a little too high and crosses the Maginot Line of rock credibility. He tones it down on the new CD, at least enough for me right now, but I’m gonna keep a close eye cocked on him anyway for future transgressions.