Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, May 11, 2004
LABIATORS : “4 TRACK RECORDINGS” 2x7” EP...From the label (Secret Keeper) wise and bold enough to bring you the LP version of the latest Cheater Slicks record comes this mid-tempo DIY indie rock in the vein of LOVE CHILD or Skidmark-era VERTIGO, minus the chaos and danger. At times THE LABIATORS produce some outtasite swirling and jagged wah-wahed noise, and at others shapeshift nicely into an 80s paisley underground tribute band, complete with jangle-filled BYRDSian harmonies and the odd hint to multiple stoned listenings to “Zen Arcade”. The last track on Side “D” is the one, a total CRAZY HORSE meets J. Mascis basher, but due to some relatively confusing packaging I’m not altogether solid on its name – I’m thinking it’s “Ultraman”. Hey, it ain’t “Cock In My Pocket” but it’s still something pretty right-on.