Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, May 04, 2004
MODEY LEMON : “MODEY LEMON” CD……A brief one here, too – I’ve now heard both of MODEY LEMON's full-length CDs, and I’m even more of a rabid enthusiast of the Lemon because of it. This debut from 2002 is easily as white-hot smoking as the recent killer “Thunder + Lightning” CD on Birdman and follows a similar template : several revved-up, pounding Motor City-fied punkers; a handful of stretched-out, raw, mid-tempo guitar squealers, and a few screamers that summon the furies like no other modern shitstorming garage band this side of the early A-FRAMES 45s. I like these fellas even better. Are you a fan of rock and roll music? If so, I believe you will thoroughly enjoy the musical output of this happening young rock and roll duo.