Agony Shorthand

Monday, May 24, 2004
MORE FROM THE MAILBAG: BEYOND THE IMPLODE.....And there's more on the gr8 news front: a BEYOND THE IMPLODE reissue in the works (see the KBD/H2D/DIY post below, or click here):

"Thank you very much for your kind comments and support on your Agony Shorthand web site. There's really no need to bootleg Beyond The Implode, there will be a CD reissue of some sort in the near future. I've still got all the master tapes and have been working on them on my computer - which is in keeping with the original DIY thing, y'know?

Trouble is, time has moved on and at present I'm working shifts in a local medical supplies factory so a lot of my time is taken up on the production line. But, hang on in there! I want a reissue out as much as anyone.....I'll probably steer the good ship BTI into the nearest iceberg but it's all part of the game, isn't it?

You're right about the "Last Thoughts" EP being recorded in a bedroom in the rainy British north. Actually, it was two bedrooms to be precise, one in Liverpool, the other in Runcorn. I pressed up 250 copies, sold what I could locally and Rough Trade in London distributed the rest. There was never a re-pressing. Geoff Travis from Rough Trade wanted to press another batch but at the time I wanted the EP to be sort of one-shot effort and declined his offer. That was probably the biggest mistake I made but there you go, the world kept spinning.

I like the ", me, the people who ride the bus with you" comment, you've hit the nail right on the head there because that's the space Beyond The Implode inhabited and the songs all come from that level.

I've gotta go, the factory horns just blown!

Best regards,

Eddie Smith (AKA Eddie Cameron - Beyond The Implode)