Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, May 25, 2004
THE RISE OF TERMINAL BOREDOM.....I’ve been meaning to take a stab at capturing the je ne sais quoi of modern 21st century garage punk as I see it from my jaded & snooty perch, but now I don’t have to, as there’s a strong online ‘zine that’s done it for me – and by extension, for you. Trickknee, who’s posted a few comments here and there on this site, left his calling card on the Flesh Eaters post below and I totally took the bait. His site is called TERMINAL BOREDOM, after the Crime bootleg of the same name, and it’s probably the best, most enthusiastic representation of this decade’s loud-hard-raw garagedom outside of the Horizontal Action bricks & mortar fanzine. The second “issue” might read like an In The Red tribute collection to some, but don’t let that stop ya. It contains pieces on ITR’s Larry Hardy, THE PONYS, THE FUSE! and related stagewreckers, as well as a mess of informed & snotty reviews (guys, the Crisco jokes are so 1983 Tesco Vee). And get this, apparently some people still buy 7” singles! Wild. Check it out here.