Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, July 28, 2004
AGITATION FOR THE UNDIGITIZED.....Early last year I made an entreaty for the digitization of several great LPs, mostly from the 80s, that still hadn’t made it to CD for whatever reason. Since then a couple FLESH EATERS records came off the list (or are about to), as did the debut DMZ record that I subsequently decided wasn’t all that necessary anyway. Here’s a new to-do list for any would-be reissue mavens, and I invite you to add to the pile in the comments section below.

1. GIBSON BROS “Big Pine Boogie”
2. FLESH EATERS “Forever Came Today”
3. HACKAMORE BRICK "One Kiss Leads To Another”
4. WORLD OF POOH “The Land of Thirst”
5. TALES OF TERROR “Tales of Terror”
6. AVENGERS White Noise EP
7. NIGHT KINGS “Increasing Our High”
8. RED CROSS “Red Cross” (1st EP)
9. VOLCANO SUNS “All Night Lotus Party”
10. BANGLES “Bangles” debut EP