Agony Shorthand

Friday, September 24, 2004
FAT DAY : "UNF! UNF!" CD......

This bizarro Massachusetts band seems to have been around for years, but the only time they've touched my music collection was as the other party on a THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APARTMENTS split 45. I don't remember their track. I also know that FAT DAY were the perpetrators on one of the two "fake" KILLED BY DEATH volumes (featuring the great fake '77-'83 punk bands the FROTHY SHAKES, the FATTY BRATS and the CURLY FRIES). So given that fact alone, I'm predisposed to liking them a little bit, and after hearing this brand new Load Records release, I like them a little bit more. "Unf! Unf!" is full of apoplectic VOID-style spazz hardcore (with a female singer), every song under a minute or two and pretty goddamned crazed. It reminds me a little of that Siltbreeze 45 a long while back by Japan's SUNSHINE SUPER SCUM -- really out-there, hard metalcore if it were played by MFAs and gallery denizens instead of unwashed street kids. Adding credence to that theory are about a half-dozen numbers that I can only categorize as symphonic, electro-classical noodling -- keyboard-based rushes and operatic soaring, all played with a sense that this crew doesn't take themselves particularly seriously. There's even a track called "If Humans Had No Poops" that's a Kraftwerk imitation high school talent show disaster, so stupid you simply have to applaud. Other song titles: "Chick Tract", "Have You Got Cable?" and "Black Fucking Flag". Mostly it's about the out-of-control 30-second hardcore tracks, which they pull off quite well. It's not gonna shift a ton of units or hit heavy rotation in my house but FAT DAY are some real gone nuts, and I think I like 'em!