Agony Shorthand

Thursday, September 16, 2004
THE REBEL : “EXCITING NEW VENUE FOR SOCCER AND EXECUTION OF WOMEN” 7”EP....And if you misanthropes or Taliban nostalgics are excited by that title, you’re sure to get some hefty titillation from this new EP from Scotland’s THE REBEL, aka Ben Wallers from the COUNTRY TEASERS. I am definitely more into this one than the EP we discussed in this forum last year; imagine, if you will, the very same FALL that made “Second Dark Ages”, now with access to samplers and 21st-century overdub techniques. There’s a lot less bleeping and Casio experimentation than that other one, and it sounds, well – it sounds more like something like some guy from the Country Teasers might attempt over a particularly inspired weekend. My pick to click is the brief (but frantic) “Please Ban Music”, which has a skeletal, skittering riff that coughs and sputters like an insect caught in the mixing board. Overall, pretty neat. On France’s SDZ Records.