Agony Shorthand

Wednesday, October 13, 2004
PINK FLOYD : "LOST IN SPACE" bootleg CD.....There are pages upon pages of PINK FLOYD bootleg sites on the web, but what I've still never heard is a collection of incredible early outtakes and demos in the "Vegetable Man" vein. This thing comes the closest. I plunked down $25 at a record swap a few years ago for it; it was one of those events where I'd traveled an hour to get there, but lost all motivation to buy anything after looking around for a few minutes. Record swaps will do that to you -- sap your soul, deflate all goodwill for your fellow man, and force you to briefly consider new hobbies. But like a Las Vegas dabbler, I'd "set aside" a little cash for something and my opportunity cost was high, so I dispensed with all rational economic & financial management rules and departed with this CD. It's a collection of 1967 BBC recordings, some distant-sounding live tracks and a few oddities, like two real early 1966 demos (a boring blues cop of "King Bee" and a decent original called "Lucy Leave"). The "Vegetable Man" outtake from September 1967 is really good despite a different production & added squishy guitar effects than on the more popularly-known version; there's also a BBC version from 12/67 that pales in comparison. A couple of strong versions of the rocking "Scream Thy Last Scream" are on here, as is an excellent 9/30/67 BBC recording of "Mathilda Mother". Nothing really worth busting a collector scumnut over until you get to the closing "Singin' a Song in the Morning", which is a Kevin Ayers tune that the sleeve notes "Barrett plays electric guitar" on. As opposed to...?