Agony Shorthand

Monday, October 18, 2004
WHO READS YESTERDAY'S PAPERS, NOBODY IN THE WORLD.....But that doesn't mean I can't link off to a few posts from days of yore. Agony Shorthand's nearing 500 all-time posts now, which means the whole Archives section's getting a 'lil cumbersome to navigate. So I thought I'd throw in a few direct links to garbage from the past 20 months that the original readers of this site have long forgotten....enjoy! :

Toolin' For a Warm Memory
The Bottom Ten, 1985-89
Ultimate Post-Punk C-90
Jukebox Jury, Round One
Jukebox Jury, Round Two
Jukebox Jury, Round Three
Jukebox Jury, Round Four
Record Shopping in Tokyo
The Most Underrated Record of the 1990s
Les Femmes De Paris
The Battle Between Art and Commerce
Straight Dope on Scritti Politti
Disappointed in Comets on Fire -- Fuckin' Hippies
More Hippies I Don't Like
Still More Hippies
On The Digitization Revolution
Overrated: The Monks
Overrated: The Dictators
And Don't Forget The Kent 3!