Agony Shorthand

Sunday, November 28, 2004
200 LB. UNDERGROUND, ISSUE #4.....Partisans of the old SILTBREEZE magazine, or hell, the old 200 LB. UNDERGROUND 'zine, will be pleased as punch to find this new micro-edition of the latter. Like the original recipe late 80s Siltbreeze, the focus of this 8-page color xerox is reviews of absurdly underground slices of noise, avant-punk splatter and experimental weirdness (with some folkie drone thrown in so all of microscenia can be duly represented). I think there's at least a 20% chance that a couple of the CD-R-creating and Finnish 45 artists might be something editor Tony Rettman invented for a guffaw. But I'll be looking for those LAUHKEAT LAMPAAT and DEMARS records just the same. Includes a brief 1-page MAGICK MARKERS tour diary with a 1-page introduction (that's 25% of your mag right there) and a very, VERY tuff hardcore quiz on the back cover. Like #18, "Name the unreleased X-Claim release" (uh, Lemonheads?) and whew, #19, "What cover song was the final song SSD ever performed live?" (uhhh, "Beach Blanket Bongout"?). No address listed to order the thing but if you drop a line to you can certainly find out how to procure one. Seal of approval! Do it!