Agony Shorthand

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The udder of GIZMOS recordings began to run cold about 10 tracks into that first compilation CD "1976/77: The Studio Recordings", but that hasn't stopped Gulcher from depressing the shaft on this particular punk rock milking machine. How do you get over the fact that this 1979-82 version of the GIZMOS contained no original members, and sounded almost nothing like the Indiana band that recorded "Human Garbage Disposal" and "Amerika First"? You don't -- you just keep an open mind and hope that the name carried a little magic with it. I mean, this very, very long collection of power pop slop and buzzsaw UK-sounding punk is all right, like a surprisingly quick doctor's visit or a good sandwich for lunch is all right. There's nothing really funny about it -- though I know they were having loads of fun with tracks like "Melinda is a Lesbian" and the bold statement of a title track -- and there's really nothing particularly offensive. Or bad. But you've got to be a pretty dedicated Hoosier hometowner to lead any cheers for it, and if anyone's really listening to it more than twice all the way through, then my chapeau is off to ya. For a counterpoint view, check out this review by Dan over at Traumatic Harmony.